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In nome del padre

L'emigrazione italiana in Svizzera nel Novecento

Fulvio Rifuggio, Donato Nuzzo, Isidoro Colluto

Mexapia Produktio, 2011


innomedelpadre ombra

We wanted arms, men arrived
Max Frisch


Through the voice of those who lived through emigration and even after decades experience it, in a mixture of nostalgia and pride, we travel through space and time, discovering wandering roots and a rich and profound heritage.
"In the name of the father" is, first of all, an act of love and gratitude for the extraordinary dignity and immense sacrifice of these Italians, with the intention of giving them back a historical memory too often betrayed and forgotten.


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direction Fulvio Rifuggio, Donato Nuzzo, Isidoro Colluto

subject: Isidoro Colluto

mounting: Donato Nuzzo, Fulvio Rifuggio

music: Luigi Botrugno

scenography: Emanuaela Solda, Ivan Antonio Botrugno, Michela Mastria

language: Italian

production: Mexapya Produktio

kind: ambiente e territori

age: 2011

duration: 60 minuti




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