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Venere incompleta

Silvia Estella Ondina Sanna

Autoproduz., 2019


VENERE2 definitiva OMBRA 375 500

A Dionysian story.
Italy, early 50s. The life of an artist, painter and sculptor, is a vicious circle from which he cannot get out.
It is in a moment full of ideas and creativity, an artistically important period of his life and finally he recovered from a dark period in which he was saturated with alcohol and smoke.
One day two people come into his open space, a gentleman and his lover, asking him for a statue that portrays the young woman. From there chaos will begin again in the mind of the sculptor.


directed by: Silvia Estella Ondina Sanna

director of photography: Cristian De Giglio

subject: Silvie Estella Ondina Sanna, Federico Querin

camera operator: Cristian De Giglio

screenplay: Federico Querin

original music: Mariusphere, Luigi Panico

sound design: Mariusphere

make-up artist: Gloria Laviano

make-up assistant: Luana Togni

costume designer: Helena Cairone

scenography: Silvia Estella Ondina Sanna

scenography support: Raffaella De Luca

editing: Silvia Estella Ondina Sanna

edition and production: Silvia Estella Ondina Sanna

color: Cristian De Giglio

stage sculptures: Giulia Elena Francesca Sanna

scene designs: Lorenzo Perin Alessandrini

year: 2019




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